The EVC2 is soon ready for release and should be available in mid-June. It’s estimated to cost 35 USD without the OLED display which will be a 5 USD add-on.

Quick specs

  • 3x I2C headers working at 3.3-5.0V
  • 1x UART header, TX 3.3V RX 3.3-5.0V
  • 1x SPI header with on-board supply (0.8-3.6V)
  • VMOD header for voltage sense and feedback adjustment
  • Built-in USB bootloader for firmware upgrades


  • Micro-USB cable for connecting to the PC
  • 1x 3-pin 2.54mm to 3-pin 2.54mm cable (I2C/UART)
  • 2x 3-pin 2.54mm to open end cable (I2C/UART)
  • 2x 2-pin 2.54mm to open end cable (VMOD)
  • 1x 1-pin 2.54mm to open end cable (Ground)
  • SPI-cable for Asus motherboards
  • SPI-cable for MSI motherboards
  • SPI-cable for Asrock motherboards

Additional information

  • SOIC8 test clip can be bought separately for Gigabyte boards, they don’t have any on-board header
  • I2C1 supports I2C listening/sniffing to figure out what’s being sent on the bus it’s connected to, which is very useful for figuring out how to talk to undocumented ICs
  • I2C3 supports SSD1306 128x64px I2C OLED displays as seen in Roman’s video for displaying various information (optional add-on)
  • The SPI header is targeted for external BIOS flashing. Can be very useful for flashing mod-BIOS or recovery. Can also be used to update the EC firmware on some boards.

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