On this page you can find a list of content covering us or our products. We’ve added some context to each item for additional flavor.

Overclocking Records

First ever 9 GHz CPU Frequency record

Together with Intel and ASUS we achieved the first ever 9 GHZ processor overclock using an Intel Core i9-13900K. The result was made at ASUS headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan together with the ASUS overclocking team with support from Intel who also filmed the achievement.

CPU-Z Validation Website as of 2023-06-19
CPU-Z World Records as of 2023-06-19

Products made for our customers

G.Skill WigiDash

The WigiDash is a long term collaborative project with G.Skill for making USB-attached 7″ TFT touch screen with software for configuration and widget support. SDK and developer support for making widgets will be published soon.

Paul’s Hardware takes an early look at the G.Skill WigiDash

Thermal Grizzly Wireview

After the success of our original product, the PMD, we’ve worked together with Thermal Grizzly to create a unique implementation for power measurement inside a normal PC while improving cable management in a stylish way.

Jayztwocents tests different versions of the Thermal Grizzly Wireview

Our own products


The general trend for overclocking graphics cards is that they are more and more limited and locked down by the GPU manufacturers. We’d like to change this and present an external device that allows you to freely adjust voltage and power limit on supported graphics cards. Please check our forum or Discord if you’re unsure if your card is supported.

LTT uses EVC2SX for voltage control of a RTX 4090 graphics card


Through inspiration from Nvidia power limit circuitry we created our own external device for measuring power flowing through PCI-E and EPS power connectors from a PC power supply. In various iterations we’ve added logging support over USB, 12VHPWR adapter cables and a PCI-E slot measurement adapter.

Der8auer tests the original PMD