ElmorLabs KTH-USB (Thermometer with USB)


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The ElmorLabs KTH-USB Thermometer is designed for low temperatures and high refresh rates. It works with E-type, J-type, K-type and T-type thermocouples and can be powered from battery with over 30 days of run-time using one AA battery or using a USB Type-C cable. Included in the bundle is an acrylic case with a stand for convenient placement on your desk and a cable for connecting to the USB-port which also enables logging and firmware updating using the PC software.


  • 2x thermocouple inputs (E, J, K, T-type)
  • Adjustable refresh rate 20 Hz to 1 Hz (# of samples for averaging)
  • Adjustable auto-off function
  • End-user calibration functions (-195.8 °C, 0.0 °C or 100.0 °C)
  • Powered by 1xAA or USB Type-C cable (included)
  • Logging through USB
  • Firmware upgradable through USB
  • White backlight with three levels


  • Typical K-type accuracy +/- 1°C  at 25°C ambient (excluding probe error)
  • Wide ambient range (0-50 °C) with K-type probes (-115°C to 366 °C) +/- 2°C
  • Wide ambient range (0-50 °C) with K-type probes (-200°C) +/- 5°C
  • Reading range -261.3°C to 366.8 °C
  • Battery life up to 30 days (powered on and measuring temperature, backlight off)
  • Dimensions 70 x 90 x 23.2 mm (with assembled case)
  • Mounting holes M3 62.8 x 82.8 mm


  • ElmorLabs KTH (circuit board)
  • Acrylic case (2.8mm thick) with mounting parts
  • USB Type-C to Type-A cable 1M black