ElmorLabs Volcano LN2 Container


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Get ready to shatter records and unleash the full potential of your CPU with the versatile and high-performing Volcano LN2 pot, designed by ShaggySVK! This compact and lightweight pot is the ultimate tool for achieving extreme overclocking performance, using either liquid nitrogen or liquid helium to cool your CPU.

Featuring a durable copper base and an aluminum body, the Volcano LN2 pot is built to handle the demands of extreme overclocking. Its unique design allows for maximum cooling efficiency and stability, ensuring reliable and consistent performance every time. Whether you’re a professional overclockers looking to set new records or an enthusiast looking to maximize your hardware’s potential, the Volcano LN2 pot is the perfect choice. Don’t settle for mediocre performance – upgrade to the Volcano LN2 pot and take your overclocking to new heights.

The mounting equipment is compatible with S775, S115x, S1200, S1366, S1700, S20xx, AM2, AM3, AM4, AM5. The backplate is compatible with heater backplates HOT-B-02, HOT-B-04, HOT-B-05 (only 775, 20xx, AM3 mounting), HOT300-B-01, HOT300-B-CPU.


  • Liquid Nitrogen Container (Cu core, Alu tube)
  • Mounting bracket (POM)
  • Mounting backplate (Alu)
  • 4x Threaded rods M4 170mm
  • 4x Thumb screws M4
  • 4x Springs 1x7x25 mm
  • 8x Washers M4
  • 1x Isolation tube 76×15 mm
  • 2x Isolation sheet 100x100x10 mm
  • 1x Sandpaper 600 grit 280×230 mm
  • 1x Sandpaper 1000 grit 280×230 mm