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2021-08-05: Price is increased to 32 USD due to IC shortages causing higher costs (was 29 USD).

EVC2SX SPI/UART/I2C-module with USB interface

The EVC2SX aims to enable DIY users to get more out of their computer parts. It’s main focus is enabling digital or analog voltage control using I2C/SMBus/PMBus but also has UART and SPI functionality.

Product specifications

  • 3x I2C headers working at 3.3V (5V tolerant)
  • 1x UART header, 3.3V (5V tolerant)
  • 1x SPI header with 3.3V supply enable/disable (5V tolerant)
  • VMOD header for voltage sense and feedback adjustments (3x voltage reading, 3x current source/sink)
  • Built-in USB bootloader for firmware upgrades
  • Firmware and software compatible with EVC2N/EVC2S

Included accessories

  • USB cable Type-C to Type-A 100cm
  • 1x 3-pin 2.54mm to 3-pin 2.54mm 40cm (I2C/UART)
  • 2x 3-pin 2.54mm to open end cable 40cm (I2C/UART)
  • 1x 2-pin 2.54mm to open end cable 40cm (VMOD)
  • 1x 1-pin 2.54mm to open end cable 40cm (Ground)
  • 20-pin splittable 2.54mm to 2.54mm cables 30cm
  • 2x 1×10 2.54mm pin header strip
  • 4x metal standoff + M3 screws

Optional accessories

  • OLED display
  • SOIC8/SOP8 Test Clip
  • SOIC16/SOP16 Test Clip
  • Asrock-2 SPI Cable (X570 and newer)

Key differences compared to EVC2S

  • VMOD header SRC/VIN channels increased to three

Latest software: https://www.elmorlabs.com/index.php/forum/topic/evc2-beta-software/
Latest firmware: https://www.elmorlabs.com/index.php/forum/topic/evc2-beta-firmware/