ElmorLabs HOT300 Heater Large Backplate *discontinued*


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Note: HOT300-C Heater Controller is sold separately: https://www.elmorlabs.com/product/elmorlabs-hot300-heater-controller/

The new HOT300-B backplate uses more power (typically a bit above 200W), has increased area to also heat behind memory slots on motherboards and either VRM or I/O area of graphics cards. The thickness is increased from 2.0 mm to 2.4mm for improved rigidity and comes with spare thermistors for easy repair if they’re damaged. Both the new controller and backplate will be sold separately going forward. Please note the HOT300-B backplate is not compatible with older HOT-C controllers.

This product is made for heating the PCB of a CPU or GPU to prevent issues with board components that may not function properly with sub-ambient cooling. Condensation is also reduced allowing your system to operate at low temperature for extended durations.

The HOT300 heater supports four individually controlled thermal zones which can be monitored and controlled by connecting it to an EVC2SX over I2C. The solution consists of two parts, one controller and one heater which are connected through a cable. With heating capabilities of up to 300W powered by a PCI-E 6-pin cable it will keep your board at ambient temperature even when using most extreme cooling.


  • Heating power up to 250W
  • Dimensions (HOT300-B)
    • 140 x 96 x 2.4 mm
  • Mounting holes (HOT300-B)
    • AM3
    • AM4
    • Socket 115x
    • Socket 1700
    • Socket 1366/2066
    • Nvidia 20-series (52.82 x 52.82 mm, 70.5 x 70.5 mm)
    • Nvidia 30-series (59 x 67.5 mm)
    • 43 x 43 mm
    • 51 x 61 mm
    • 53 x 53 mm
    • 58.4 x 58.4 mm
    • 64 x 64 mm


  • HOT300-B Backplate
  • Cable for connecting Controller & Backplate 30 cm (Black AWG22)
  • Thermal pads for backplate (100x100x8 + 100x50x8 mm, 6 W/mK)