Power Limit Modifier (pack of 2)


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The Power Limit Modifier is designed to work as an adjustable shunt resistor for graphics card power limit modifications. It works by adjusting the gate voltage of a P-channel MOSFET which acts as a non-linear resistor. Simply solder the small circuit board in parallel with the existing shunt resistor. Then solder a wire from the square pad to the VR (variable resistor/potentiometer) and a second from the VR to ground. Adjusting the VR will then vary the gate voltage and in turn the equivalent resistance of the MOSFET.


  • Adjustable range 2.4 mΩ to infinite
  • Max current 20A @ Vgs = -2.5V, 25A @ Vgs = -10V


  • 2x Power Limit Modifier
  • 2x Variable Resistor 50 KΩ
  • 2x Black wire open ended 40 cm
  • 2x Black wire open ended to 1-pin 2.54 mm pitch 40 cm


EMF02P02H Datasheet